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West and Non-West Compared

The 1974 Bucharest Conference on to population received bitter charges from the less developed countries that the rell’ problem w s not their own population increase but Uw ‘exaggerated consumerism” of the indu trivialized nations. As a rationale for the complacency about the population pressure in less developed countries, this is not very convincing, since there is no s~m under which population can double every twenty-eight years without creating human misery. However, as a reminder to the industrialized countries that The Population Council makes the more “Conservative estimate that the per-capita resource use in developing countries is one-thirteenth that of ‘the industrialized nations [Berelson, 1975, P: 9]. Figure 17-6 shows the enormous  increase in the population of developing countries but also shows that, in terms of total corsumption, population increase in the industrialized countries will place an even greater demand on woad resources. It is p ssible that the non-Western world may be in the earlier stages of demographic  ransition, although it aid not seem so in earlier years. Death rates plunged precipitously as non-Western lands gained epidemic control in the post-World War II years. Until recently, efforts to reduce the birthrate in the
less developed areas were making little headway. In the. late 1960s and the 1970 , the population control programs began to show greater promise. China, which has about a fifth of the world’s population, cut its birthrate
34 percent in the last decade [ZPG Reporter, 14:2, July’ 1982]. The Indian birthrate, although still high, dropped 18 percent in a decade. Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have dropped to half of their rate of
a few years ago. Other coun tries have madelesser, but still significant, gains, and more countries than before have started population control programs [Lightborne et al., 1982]. The drop In the annual growth rate from 2 percent to 1.7 percent has meant an actual reduction in the annu.a.l world population

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