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Welfare and Conflic

Oddly enough, the welfare obligations assured by governments in recent years, which bring benefits to so many, have increased conflict. The reason for this is that 'people's wants are endless, while government resources are limited. Demands have a tendency to .rise far more rapidly than the national income rises, but if a-government tries to limit expenditures, it risks being overthrown. This is especially true in developing , .countries in which the "revolution of rising expectations" is likely to make any government seem incapable, of\,meeting its .citizens' demands.. I The expansion the welfare state may be, ending. Several Western 'societies have elected governments pledged to taxes and trim the welfare state. Even' Sweden has vacillated 1976, throwing out the party which had introduced the welfare" state, then storing it in 1982 [Associate Press, Sept. 20, 1982]. Prediction is risky, bur while welfare, services probably will not be greatly reduced, they may not be expanded.

Posted on September 4, 2014 in Political Economic Institutions

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