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Variety and Continuity

The twin human desires for sexual continuity and sexual variety are another East of the biological basis for human social fife. Some species mate footling and are strictly faithful to their mates; others are promiscuous, with the female mating with any (or all) males available .. Humans apparently wish to do  both .. In all human societies most sexual intercourse of most adult sis between periscope who are regular sex partners. Persons who enjoy sex experience- together wish to repeat it with each other. In most societies, most of these regular sex partnerships become must nationalized in a socially recognized relationship, usually either marriage or concubinage. But this desire for sexual continuity is complicated by an opposing desire for sexual variety.

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Many. societies insist upon marital. fidelity and punish adultery most severely (stoning  is a fairly common punishment), yet adultery swell known in all societies. In some societies  adultery .impractically Universal as among the Toyoda India, whose language lacks any word (or adultery.' Thus, tolerance of adultery's one way of dealing with the desire for sexual variety. Prostitution is known in all complex societies and in many of the simpler ones including virtually all which try to restrict sexual intercourse to a single partner; The; church in medieval Europe approved of prostitution as a regretful but necessary concession to man's sexual nature. Still other responses to the. desire for sexual variety include polygamy concubinage, the mistress system, and divorce. Penthouse whose extramarital sexual adventures are limited to erotic by dreams and wistful longings attest to the desire for sexual variety.

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