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 Value Contradictions

Is it possible for there to be a contradiction between values in a society? Yes, all societies-including the United States-have value contradictions. Value contradictions are values that conflict with one another or are mutually exclusive (achieving one makes it difficult. if not impossible, to achieve another). There are situations in which the core values of morality and humanitarianism may conflict with values of individual achievement and success. For example, humanitarian values reflected in welfare and other government aid programs continue to come into conflict with values thus emphasize hard work and personal achievement. Today. some people are more ambivalent about helping people who are chronically poor or homeless than they are about helping recent victims of major natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes. or earthquakes. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in for instance, many people in the United States were more willing to make generous contributions to help the survivors of this natural disaster than they were to help the long-term homeless and disadvantaged throughout the nation.

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