The Rise of Islamic Feminism in the Middle East? Assignment Help & Writing Service

The Rise of Islamic Feminism in the Middle East?

I would like for all of the young Muslim Girls To be able to relate to learning, whether they wear the hijab [head scarf) or not.  oy will also enjoy Iman's Adventures be· cause she is one tough. smart girl!Iman gets her superpowers from having very strong  aith In Allah.or God.She solves many of the problems by explaining certain arts of the Koranthat relate to the story. -Rima author from Dubai (United Arab Emirates).explaining) that she has written abook about an Islamicsuperhero who is  femalebecause she would liketo dispel a widely held belief that sexism in her culture is deeply rooted In slam(see 2001;Kristof. 2006

Although Authoritarianism many others who have written fictional and nonfictional accounts of girts and women liv- ng in the  idle Idealistically not deny that sexism ex- Insist their region or that sexism is deeply interwoven with patriarchy around the  orld. they dlspute the perception that Islams Inherently misogynistic (possessing hatred or strong prejudice toward  men).Asdefined inthis chapter. patriarchy Is a hierarchical system of social organization it or the means by which a society gains  the basic necessities

of life. including food, shelter. and clothing. You may recall that societies are classified, based on subsistence, as hunting and  gathering societies. horticultural and pastoral societies, agrarian societies. industrial societies, and postindustrial societies. The  irst three of hese categories are all preindustrial societies

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