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The Neo-Malthusian Perspective

More eccentrically-MathcallS (or “new Malthusians”) have reemphasized the dangers of overpopulation. To neo-Malthusians, Earth is “a dying planet” with too
many people and too Lillie food. compounded by environmental degradation. Overpopulation and rapid population growth result in global environmental problems. ranging from global warming and rain-forest destruction to famine and vulnerability to epidemics (Ehrlich. Ehrlich. and Daily. 1995). Unless Significant changes are made. including improving the status of women. reducing racism and religious prejudice. reforming the agriculture system. and shrinking the
growing gap between rich and poor. the consequences will be dire (Ehrlich. Ehrlich. and Daily. 1995). Early neo-Malthusians published birth control handbooks, and widespread .acceptance of birth control.eventually reduced the connection between people’s sexual conduct and fertility (Weeks, 1(08). Later neo- Malthusians have encouraged people to be part of the solution to the problem of overpopulation by having only one or two children in order to bring about zero population growth-the point at which no population increase occurs (tom year to year because the number
of births plus immigrants is equal to the number of deaths plus emigrants (Weeks, 2(08).

Posted on September 8, 2014 in POPULATION AND URBANIZATION

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