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The Military and Militarism
Militarism is a societal focus on military  ideals and an-aggressive preparedness for war. Core u.s. values such as patriotism, courage, reverence, loyalty, obedience, and faith in authority help to support militarism, as the sociologist Cynthia H. Enloe (1987: 542-543) notes:

Military expenditures, militaristic values, and military authority now influence the flow of foreign trade and determine which countries will or will not receive agricultural assistance. They shape the design and marketing or children's toys and games and of adult fashions and entertainment. Military definitions of progress and security dominate the economic fate of entire geographic regions. The military's ways of doing business open or shut access to information and technology for entire social groups. Finally, military mythologies of valor and safety influence the sense of self-esteem and well being of millions of people. However, note that militarism is not synonymous with war; it involves an ideology that perpetuates societal activities directed toward military preparedness and enormous spending on weapons production and "defense- as compared with other national priorities (Cock,1994).

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