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The Group-Rights Approach
In the United States we have assumed that all immigrants would become, “Americanized” and assimilated to an “American” culture
that i~ heavily English in flavor. In much of the rest of.,netherworld, national governments have taken it for granted that ethnic differ-‘ fences would persist and should be protected. An emphasis on group rights means that the government supports the survival instinct’- rive ethnic communities. In Yugoslavia, for instance” the government provides instruction in the mother tongue of any nationality when there are enough -students to justify either a school or class. ‘In Switzerland; there is no official Language, and three major tongues have equal status. In Canada, public schools are required to offer instruction in both  French and English. Such examples could be multiplied indefinitely. The point is simply that government need not promote assimilation to a common culture- but can support ethnic difference, Some governments are actually more protective of the rights of ethnic groups than of individuals. We will consider two methods of protecting group rights: separatism and, cultural pluralism.’

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