The Global Economy in the Future

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The Global Economy in the Future

How will the u.s. economy look in the future? What about the global economy? Although sociologists do not have a crystal ball with which to predict the future.
some general trends can be suggested industries. At the same time, workers may increasingly  be fragmented into two major labor market divisions:(J) those who work in the innovative, primary sector and (2) those whose jobs are located in the growing secondary. marginal sector. In the innovative sector. increased productivity will be the watchword as corporations respond to heightened international competition. In the marginal sector. alienation will grow as temporary workers. sometimes professionals. look for avenues of upward mobility or at least a chance
to make their work life more tolerable. Labor unions  ill be unable to help workers unless the unions embark on innovative programs to recruit new members. improve their image. and recover their former political clout (Hodson and Sullivan. 2008). However. in spite of these problems. most analysts predict that the United States will remain a major player in the world economy.