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The Culture of Poverty

In the past two. decades, it as become fresh to refer to a culture poverty [Lewis. 1959, 1966a 1966b], this implies is ,that the poor form a subculture in which, as a result of their common experiences, they have developed certain attitudes and behavior patterns which have been transmitted from parent to. child. These include the  family, the casual resort physical aggression, an inability to plan for the future, a seeking of immediate gratification; weak impulse control and attitude toward the future. This culture of poverty concept has been supported by many social scientists [Kerbo. 1981]who see it as a realistic description of how 'the poor find it difficult, if not impossible.rto break out of the cycle of generation to generation poverty [Galbraith, 1978; Segalman and Basu, 1979]. The concept has also been criticized [Roach and Gursslin, 1967; Glazer and Moynihan, 1971] because it does not apply to. such groups the aged poor and the ill and because it may not apply equally to. all ethnic groups. Further, the behavior patterns may not be so much norms or ideals as simply ',0 adaptation to what appeal' to be (Masse) 1975, .604]

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