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A subculture is a category of people who share distinguishing attributes. beliefs. values, and/or norms that set them apart in some significant manner from the dominant culture. Emerging from the functionalist tradition, this concept has been applied to distinctions ranging from ethnic, religious, regional, and age-based categories to those categories presumed to be “deviant” or marginalized from the larger society. In the broadest use of the conccpt, thousands of categories of people residing in the United States might he classified as  articipants in one or more subcultures, including Native Americans. Muslims, Generation Xers and Yers, and motorcycle enthusiasts. However, to see how subcultural participants interact with the dominant U.S. culture, many sociological studies 01 subcultures have limited the scope of inquiry to more visible, distinct subcultures such as the Old Order Amish and ethnic enclaves in large urban areas.

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