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As type is a group sheered  of people. Stereotypes can ~ positive (the kindly, dedicated family doctor), negative option politician), or fussy sexless old-maid tea Stereotypes are applied  indiscriminately to all members, of the stereotyped group without allowance individual differences Stereo types Marseilles entirely use for they must bear  remembrance to the character of the persona’stereotyped. or they would not be recognized. But stereotypes are always distorted,· in that they exaggerate and universalize, some of the characteristics of some of the members of the stereotyped group Just how stereotypes begin is not known. Once the stereotype has become a part of the culture, it is maintained by, selective perception (noting only the confirming incidents or cases and failing to note or remember the exceptions) selective interpretation reservation in tens of the stereotype: e.g. Jew are “pushy” while’ generals are “ambitious selective they look like school teachers and selective exception “he really doesn’t act at all Jewish”). All these processes involve a reminder of the stereo type so that even exceptions and incorrect ides W cations to feed and sustain the stereotype Stereotypes are ‘nonetheless Constantly changing. The dowdy old-maid teacher is so rare to say that this particular stereotype is virtual dead  A stereotype generally dies when confirming illustrations, can no longer be found.

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