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Many students have trouble with tables, graphs, and figures. The secret in understanding them is, to read everything around the edges before studying the body of the figure. For example, look at Figure 13-1 on p. 319. first, read the title, "Total Federal, State and Local Government Spending as Percent of GNP" (gross national product). Rena the "Source" credit at 'the bottom, which is often followed by some explanatory notes. Check t)vertical axis showing percentages, and the horizontal axis showing dates. After reading this, study the main body of the figure. What conclusions can you now draw? Most figures are not difficult if one simply takes  time enough to study  the edges of the figure first

 Additional study suggestions are given at the opening of the Study Guide and Source Book to Anomaly Horton and "Hunt, Sociology (which is generally available in the bookstores handling
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