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Social issues

Social issues are those relating to moral judgments or civil rights. ranging from abortion rights to g control. Other social issues include the rights of people of color and persons with a disability, school prayer, and the environment. For example, persons with a liberal perspective on social issues tend to believe that women have the right to an abortion (at least under certain circumstances),) that criminals should be rehabilitated instead of punished. and that the government has an obligation to protect the rights of subordinate groups. Conservatives tend to believe in limiting the expansion of individual rights on social issues and tend to oppose social programs that they see as promoting individuals on the basis of minority status rather than merit. Based on these distinctions, Democrats are more likely to seek passage of social programs that make the government a more active participant in society. promoting social welfare and equality. By contrast, Republicans are more
likely to believe that government should not be responsible for financial equality. Economic Issues Economic issues fall into two broad categories: (1) the amount that should be spent on government programs and (2) the extent to which these programs should encourage a redistribution of income and assets. Liberals believe that without governmental intervention. income and assets would become concentrated in the hands of even fewer people and that the government must act to redistribute wealth, thus ensuring that everyone gets a "fair slice" of the economic "pie" In order to accomplish this, liberals envision that larger sums of money must be raised and spent by the government On such programs. Conservatives contend that such programs are not only unnecessary but also counterproductive. That is. programs financed by tax When people move from one nation to another. they learn new political attitudes. values. and behavior.

Irnrniqsants to the United States are required to undergo a process of political socialization before being "naturalized."ironically. newcomers who have experienced poverty and repression in other lands are often stalwart in their devotion to democratic ideals increases lower people's incentive to work and to be innovative and make people dependent upon the government. However, conservatives do believe in taxes that help maintain the status quo-funds for education. for the criminal justice system to maintain law and order and for a strong military establishment.

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