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Social-Class Differences in Learning

Why do lower children learn less well? It is possible that lower-class persons average lower in native abilities. This has been debated for generations without any clear decision. Even if we could agree in defining “native ability,” we have no measure of native ability which is widely accepted as reliable. Most educators are agreed that the lower achievement of lower-class pupils is due, at least in considerable part, to home influences ,. which school policies are unlikely. to change Diam Ravisher. “What Makes iI Good School?” Society. larger, and parents must divide their attention among more claimants. Middle-class parents more often are educated themselves and more often are actively interested in their children’s academic prOgress. Middle-class homes QLive more books and magazines and quiet space for study. Perhaps most important of all, middle-class ch1 ifen live in- a social world with a great many successful people who have gained career success. after doing well . in school. Having a good school record is vital ‘part of the typical success model- for middle-class. children.

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