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Single Mothers with Children Under 18

dramatically in recent years; others remain largely unchanged over time. ‘Jan}’ parents prefer boys to girls because of  stereotypical ideas about the relative importance of males  and females to the future of the family and society Although some  rents prefer boys to girls because these  parents believe old myths about the biological inferiority of females, research suggests   hat social expectations also plays major role in this preference. We are socialized to believe that it is important to have a son, especially (or a first or only child. For many years, it  was assumed that a male child could support his parents in their later  ears and Carr -n the family name. Across cultures, boys are P’ reed to girls, esp.  sally when the number of children that parents c have is limited by law or economic conditions. F  example, in China, which strictly regulates the allowable number of children to   NE per family, a disproportionate number of female fetuses are aborted. In  the United States, as wen, one recently study found  that Chic-.c “Americans also strongly favored male cauldron Female children: Some families had

additional children in an effort to produce male offspring while other parents engaged in selective fertilization techniques in hopes  f producing a male heir. In India. the practice of aborting female fetuses is widespread.  and female infanticide occurs frequently.  s a  result. both India and China have a growing surplus of young men who will face a shortage of women their own age. and  chinese Americans in the United States may experience a similar situation in the future.  In this country. some sex selection no  doubt takes place through abortion. However. most women seek  abortions because of socioeconomic factors. problematic relationships with partners. health-related concerns.  and lack of readiness or ability to care for a child (or another  child) (Lott, 1994).

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