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 Subordinate ethnic groups have often supported independence movements in an effort to withdraw completely from political involvement with another ethnic group. Many Third World representatives say that American racial minorities are essentially colonies and should separate from the rule of the majority  Puerile’ Africans Chicano and Cameramen blacks all have separatist movements, but none-has attracted a mass following, In Puerto-Rican elections; the Independence party always gets’ a tiny, vote. Black . separatism in. the .United States is not’ new [Hall, 1978); it attracted much interest in the ate 1960 s [Hamilton, 1972), but little is heard of it today. Black capitalism has not been very successful and now more blacks are gaining i ‘ executive promotions within white corporations [irons, 1976; Osborne, 1976; Davis and Watson,’ 1982]. Separatism for American blacks has been opposed by those who feel that it would leave blacks in control of a vast poverty area, with inadequate resources of their  wn
and little support from indifferent whites[Pettigrew; 1971].

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