Supreme Court decisions since 1962 forbid ‘any prayers {except silent prayers) in public schools. A, constitutional amendment authorizing prayers in public schools has the support of many conservative church leaders, while many other church leaders are opposed [Time, 118:39, Aug. 9 1982 J. Supporters are outraged at “banning , God from the schools” a¥ claim that school , prayers would help cultivate religious sentiment and public morality. Objectors (especially Jews and other non-Christian groups) .claim that their children would, be isolated arid humiliated by exposure to school prayers in An alien faith. Many church leaders and most behavior scientists doubt that an innocuous school prayer, watered down to offend no one, would have much effect in any direction. .
The practical significance of school prayers may be trivial, but their symbolic Significance is great. For persons distressed by secularism and permissiveness in modern life, the school prayer offers a chance to “do something” about social t ends they deplore. Bolts Snow public support (or a school-prayer amendment at about three to one Opinion 5:4, June/July 1982].