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Religious Institutions

Religious institutions are a society's important systems of religious beliefs and practices which are standardized and formulated and which are widely shared and viewed as necessary and. true, Religious associations are the or groups of people who share the is and follow the practices of a religion. Estern societies, religion is highly orgato churches with congregational wormany societies has religion without religious associations or organizations. The are deeply religious, spending. Half their waking hours in religious and activities, yet they have no churches we should recognize as much. [Farb,1968 chap.6] Religion takes many forms and directions.

There are many defination of religion. One scocielogest define it as "a system of beliefs and practices by which a group of people interprets respond to what they feel is supernatural and scared" [Johnstone, 1975, p. 20] This definition very useful for sociological analysis, since it emphases the social and corporate nature of religion and distinguish religion from secular movement which may also with concerend  with important values.

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