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Race and Ethnicity

What is race? Some people think it refers to skin color (the Caucasian “race”); others use it to refer to a religion (the Jewish “race”), nationality (the British “race”),
or the entire human species (the  human “race”) (Marger,20(9). Popular usages of race have been based on the assumption that a  is a grouping or classification based on genetic vaiations in physical appearance, particularly skin color. HL -vever,social scientists and biologists dispute the idea that  race is a meaningful concept In fact. the idea of race has little meaning in a biological sense because of the enormous amount of interbreeding that has taken place within the human population. For these reasons, sociologists sometimes place “race” in quotation marks to show that categorizing individuals and population groups on biological characteristics is neither accurate nor based on valid distinctions between the genetic makeup of differently identified “races.” Today. sociologists emphasize that race is a socially constructed reality, not a biological one. From this approach. the social significance  that people accord to race is more sign if i cant than any biological differences that might exist among people who are placed in arbitrary categories. A race is a category of people who have been singled out as inferior or superior. often on the basis of ” real or alleged physical characteristics such as skin
‘b>lor. hair texture, eye shape, or other subjectively selected attributes (Peagin and Feagin. 2008). Categories of people frequently thought of as racial groups include
Native Americans. Mexican Americans. African Americans. and Asian Americans. This classification is rooted in nineteenth-century distinctions made by some biologists. who divided the world’s population into three racial categories: CauctlSinn-people characterized as having relatively light skin and fine hair; Negroid-people with darker skin and coarser. curlier hair;  and Mongoloid-people with yellow or brown skin and distinctively shaped eyelids. However. racial

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