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Problems in Global Cities

As we have seen. although people have lived in cities for thousands of years, the time is rapidly approaching when more people worldwide will live in or near a city than live in a rural area. In the middle-income and low-income regions of the world. Latin America is becoming the most urbanized: Four mcgacitics-Mexico City. Buenos Aires. Lima. and Santiago-already contains moremore more than half of the region’s population and contnucl to grow rapid I)” With in the next ten years. Rio de [aneiru and Sao Paulo arc expected to have a combined population of about 40 million people living in a 350- mile-long megalopolis. By 2015. New York City will be the only U.S. city anlong the world’s ten most populous. (~Figure 19.6 shows the populations in 2000 of the world’s ten largest metropolises.) Natural increases in population (higher birth rates than death rates) account lor two-thirds of new urban
growth. and rural-to-urban migration accounts lor the rest. Some people move from rural areas to urban areas because they have been displaced from their land. Others
move: because they are looking for a better life, No matter what the reason, migration has caused rapid growth in cities in sub-Saharan Africa, India. Algeria, and Egypt, At the same time that the population is growing rapidly. the amount of farmland avaiLable lor growing crops to teed people is decreasing. In Egypt. for example. land that was previously used lor growing crops is now used for petroleum refineries, food-processing plants. and otlter factories (Kaplan. 1996). Rapid global population growth in Latin America and other regions is producing a wide variety of urban problems, including overcrowding. environmental pollution. and the disappearance of farmland. In fact. many cities in middle- and low-income r1lttions
arc quickly reaching the point at which food. housing. and basic public services arc: available to only a limited segment of the population (Crossette, 1996). With

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