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Politics And Government in Global Perspective

you think that mainstream TV news is boring? Does the idea of sitting down to watch NewsHour with Jim Lehrer make you yawn ... just thinking about it? If so, you're not alone n fact, this is now the norm among the college-aged demographic. A recent article [notes] that many young adults eschew traditional nightly news for [Jon Stewart's] The Daily Show, ... which proudly bills itself astithe most trusted name in fake news.

Wow. While I'm a huge fan of Comedy Central, I usually tune in to watch something with an inherently comedic purpose-like South Park or the Colbert Report. While Colbert is billed as a blatant mockery of conservative TV pundits, the lines are more blurred when it comes to The Daily Show. Yes,it is largely satirical, but I can understand why many might watch the show as a main source of news. While it is based on real news, it is also written by comedy writers, and has ratings in mind-not necessarily the best interests of the American public or young people .... Yes,The Daily Show is funny. Yes,Jon Stewart is right on the nail with his ironic insight and sarcastic humor. However,.it isn't a real news show ....

I love the mock interviews, but I never go into the show thinking I'm watching real news. What I see is what I get and in the case of The Daily Show I see a funny show that makes fun of the day's news.... Fair and balanced news is extremely hard to come by these days and if students can't get fair and balanced as well as entertaining, they 'll just stick with what's entertaining. society. Just take a look at George Orwell's Animal Farm. It's clearly fiction and somewl1at comedic but it does raise valid points in the critique of society. The Daily Show has managed to do the same in a different manner

There are days when I watch The Daily Show, and I kind of chuckle. There are days when l lauqh out loud. There are days when I stand up and point to the TV and say,"You're damn right!" ... The stock-in-trade of The Daily Show is hypocrisy, exposing hypocrisy. And nobody else has the guts to do it. They really know how to crystallize an issue on all sides, see the silliness everywhere.

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