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Political Attitudes

In addition to the socialization process, people's socioeconomic status affects their political attitudes, values. and beliefs. For example, individuals who are very poor or are unable to find employment tend to believe that society has failed them and therefore tend to he indifferent toward the political system

 Believing that casting a ballot would make no difference to their own circumstances. they do not vote. People in the upper classes tend to be more conservative on economic issues and more liberal on social issues. Based on a philosophy of noblesse oblige, which asserts that those who are well-off have a responsibility for the welfare of the poor and disadvantaged, upper-class conservatives generally favor equality of opportunity but do not want their-own income and assets taxed heavily to abolish poverty or other societal problems that they believe some people bring upon themselves. By contrast. people in the lower classes tend to be conservative on social issues. such as school prayer or abortion rights. but liberal on economic issues, such as increasing the minimum wage.

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