Paying for Medical Care in Other Nations

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Paying for Medical Care in Other Nations

Other industrialized industrializing countries do not leave their citizens in the situation in which some people in the United States find themselves. Let’s examine
how other nations pay for health care.  Canada Prior to the ) 9605. Canada’s health caresystem was similar to that of the United States today. However, in 1962 the government of the province of Saskatchewan Implemented a health Insurance plan
despite opposition from doctors. whoowent on strike to protest the program. The strike was not successful. as the vast majority of citizens supported the government. which maintained health services by importing doctors from Great B itain. The Saskatchewan ptogram proved itself viable in the years following the strike. and by 1972 all Canadian provinces and terri tones had coverage for medical and hospital services (Kendall. Linden. and Murray, 2008). As a result. Canada has a universal  health’ care system-a health care system in which allcitizens receive medical services paid for by tax revenues. In Canada. these revenues are supplemented by insurance premiums paid by all taxpaying citizens. One major advantage of the Canadian system over that in the United States is a significant reduction in administrative.