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Other Crime Categories
The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) i the major source of information on crimes reported", the United States. The UCR has been compiled since 1930 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation based on information filed by law enforcement agencies throughout the country. When we read that the rate of certain types of crimes has increased or decreased when compared with prior years, for example, this information is usually based on UCR data. The UCR focuses on violent crime and property crime (which, prior to 2004, were jointly re ferried to in that report as "index crimes"), but also contains data on other types of crime  The FBI estimates that in 2007. about 14.2 million arrests were made in the United States for all criminal infractions (excluding traffic violations). Although the UCR gives some indication of crime in the United States. the figures do not reflect the actual number and kinds of crimes. as will be discussed later. Violent Crime Violent crime consists of actions murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault- involving force or the threat of force against others, Although only 4 percent (597.447 out of 14,209.365) of all arrests in the United States in 2007 were for violent crimes. this category is probably the most anxiety-provoking of all criminal behavior: Most of us know someone who has been a victim of violent crime. or we have been so ourselves. Victims are often physically injured or even lose their lives; the psychological trauma may last for years after the event (Parker and Anderson-Facile, 2000). Violent crime receives the most sustained attention from law enforcement officials and the media (see Warr. 2000). Nationwide, there is growing concern over juvenile violence. Beginning in the late 1980s and continuing to the present. juvenile violent-crime arrest rates have

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