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The increase in the proportion of highe rstatus jobs is the most important single factor in the amount of upward mobility [Stolzenberg and D’Amico, 1977, p. 862]. Automation, robots, and computers are decreasing the ‘demand for unskilled and semiskilled workers and calling for more technicians who can operate computers and complicated equipment. The multiplication of the service industries- sales and service, recreation and resort; and many. Others creates openings for persons with talent and ambition, including some without college degrees. Some highly paid jobs, such as skilled crafts and locomotive engineering, have diminished, but on balance, the need for persons in. high status positions has grown. The net effect is a high rate of mobility in the United States which’ appears to have increased in recent years [Hauser and Feather man, 1977]. The United States may be closer to an open class society than ever, and a relatively open class society seems true of most modern industrial societies.