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Mention of polygyny

Mention of polygyny will arouse  a predictably ethnocentric response from most Americans. They conjure up images of female degradation and helpless enslavement and rise ‘to impressive heights of moral indignation at such heathen brutishness.. The fads are otherwise. it would be difflcult to show that Women have generally had a more satisfactory status in monogamous than in polygamous societies. Even in polygynous societies, most of the marriages were monogamous.’ It is generally only the more successful and powerful men ,who could af·ford.or attract more than one wife. In many polygynous societies, the second wife filled the ‘status function of the second Cadillac in our society, Far from feeling resentful, the first wife often urged her husband to take more wives, over whom she generally reigned as queen bee. Polygyny in operation took many forms in different societies, all of them far removed from the imagination of the normal ethnocentric American Polygyny is today declining in most of the developing countries but is still common in the more remote tribal areas.

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