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The antl·Christ, that human embodiment of the devil responsible for aU evil In the world, Is the bourgeoisie. The state of sin is capitalism, which heightens the alienation of man and leads him astray from a proper ‘relationship with his omni· potent and all·knowing God, technology. The major prophets are Marx and Engels and their writings, especially Capital, constitute the Bible. The saints are later Marxists, especially Lenin, Stalin and Mao (though the various seqts debate the authenticity of one or another of them). The Christ figure Is the proletariat and the Holy Spirit is revolutionary consciousness. With the aid of technology’s progressive work, the Ohrist-pro-Ietarlat will eventually bring about the millenium of socialism, setting the stage for the final, triumphant transition to the state of ultimate grace, communism. Such Is the dOlTllnant theology of the modem world, bom In the nineteenth century and bearing all the marks of the Christian cuHure that’prevailed when it was conceived. John Boll, “Marxim as World Religion,” Social Problems, 28:510-511, June 1981; (From “Comments on Christopher K. Chase-Dunn, “Socialist States In the Capital World-Economy:” Social Problem 27:509-531.  June 198O). Do you think Marxists enjoy having  Marxism called a religion?