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Jane Addams

Jane Addams (1860-1935) is one of the best-known early women sociologists in the United States because she founded Hull House, one of the most famous settlement houses, in an impoverished area of Chicago. Throughout her career, she was actively engaged in sociological endeavors: She lectured at numerous colleges, was a charter member of the American Sociological Society, and published a number of articles and boola. Addams was one of the authors of Hull-House Mnps and Papers, a groundbreaking book that used a methodological technique employed by sociologists for the next forty years (Deegan, 1988). She wu also awarded a Nobel Prize for her assistance to die underprivileged.

W. E. B. Du 80ls and Atlanta University The second department of sociology in the United States was He called this duality double consciol/sl1css-the identity conflict of being a black and an American. Du Bois pointed out that although people in this country espouse such values as democracy, freedom, and equality, they also accept racism and group discrimination. African Americans are the victims of these conflicting values and the actions the result from them (Benjamin. 1991).

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