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Children Of course, sociologists would never place children in isolated circumstances so that they could observe what happened to them, However, some cases have arisen In which parents or other caregivers failed to fulfill their responsibilities, leaving children alone or placing them In Isolated circumstances. From analysis of these situations, social scientists have documented cases in which children were deliberately raised in isolation. A look at the lives of two children who suffered such emotional abuse provides important insights into the importance of a positive socialization process and the negative effects of social isolation. Anna Born in 1932 to an unmarried, mentally impaired woman, Anna was an unwanted child. She was kept in an attic-like room in her grandfather’s house. Her mother, who worked on the farm all day and often went out at night, gave Anna just enough care to keep her alive; she received no other care. Sociologist Kingsley
Davis (1940) described Anna’s condition when she was found in 1938:

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