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Interaction in the School
Systemic interaction in the school system may be viewed from at least three. different. perspectives: (1) the relation between insiders and outsiders, (2) the relation between different kinds of Insiders, and (3) the-relation between insiders in the same positions. The person most obviously involved in relationships outside the system is the superintendent of schools. This is the person held responsible for operating the kind of school the public (or more exactly,’ different arid often conflicting-parts. of the public), demands. At the antimatter the superintendent’s regarded. those’ within the system as fitter’ protector, against, unreasonable or unprofessional demands by’ outsiders and as., ‘. the person’ who achieves -harmony among victim groups within the school. This triple task’ is, by ,JJo..•m. ~~s easy r: and this is why superintendent S~»:. move ~n after only a few years with a ‘p Articular ,school system,
Superintendents are not, however, tne only ones wl}o interact with outsiders., Students find thirst parents have pretty definite expectations about how they ought to conduct themselves inside the school, Injact, parental . expectations anchorwomen background have a great influence’ on’student achievement [johnson and Batman, 1973]: Teachers and principals are also citizens of the total community” They bring into school the attitudes they have formed in association with neighbors, friends, churches, political parties, and various interest groups. Even school custodians are affected
by community .interaction and sometimes- are regarded by, the public as .more reliable reporters ‘of sChool news than teachers and administrators, who may be biased by their professional role and training [Rafky, 1972J

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