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Industrial Cities

The Industrial Revolution changed the nature ugh the city. Factories sprang up rapidly as production shifted from the primary, agricultural sector to the secondary,
manufacturing sector. With the advent of factories crane many new employment opportunities not available to people in rural areas. Emergent technology. in duding
forms of transportation and agricultural production. made it easier for people to leave the countryside and. move to the city. Between 1700 and 1900. the population of many European cities mushroomed. For exam  pic. the population of London increased (ROM 550.000 to almost 6.5 million. Although the Industrial Revolution did not start in  the United States until the mid-nineteenth century, the effect was similar. Between 1870 and 1910. for example. the population of New York City grew b)’ 500 percent In fact, New York City became the first u.s. metropolis-one or more central  cities and their surrounding suburbs that dominate: the economic and cultural life of a region. Nations. such as Japan and Russia, that became industrialized after England and the United States experienced a delayed pattern of urbanization. but this process moved quickly once it commenced in those: countries.

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