Immigration and the Changing Facets) of the United States

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Immigration and the Changing Facets) of the United States

Throughout u.s. history, immigration has had a profound effect on our nation. Chances are very good that almost. all of us can trace our heritage and our family roots to one or more  other nations where our ancestors lived before comingto the United States. Immigration has also been a controversial topic at times throughout our nation’s history, just as it is at the start of the twenty-first century. When we look at the faces of the people around our country today, we see a wide diversity of human beings, most of whom arc seeking to Jive their Jives together positively and peacefully. Demographers and other social science researchers arc interested in studying how people become part of the mainstream of a country to which they have immigrated while still  maintaining their own unique cultural identity, and also why some of them do not want to become part of that mainstream. As you view the pictures on these two pages, think about how you and other members of your family carne to view yourselves as Americans-residents of the United States of America=and what this means to you and to them in terms of what you think and do on a daily basis. Doing so helps us gain a better understanding of some of the sociological interrelating 10 immigration.