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An ideology may loosely defamed as a system of ideas, which salvation a set of norms. The norms’ define how people are expected to act; the ideology explains well they should ad that way and why they sometimes fail to act as they should. A more ‘imposing definition reads: “Ideologies may be defined as any set of ideas that explain or legible social arrangements, structures of power,’ or ways of life in terms of the goal., interests, or social position of the groups or collectivizes in which they appear.” [Newman, 1973, p. 52]. The ideology of an institution includes both the central beliefs of the institution and a rational justification for. the application of institutional norms to the problems of life. The simpler cultures may not have developed elaborate ideologies surrounding institutional behavior. An outsider’s question, “Why?” might be met with puzzlement rather than with an elaborate explanation, The more complex cultures generally include elaborate institutional ideologies. Each of the more highly developed religions, for example, has a highly developed set of beliefs about such topics as the nature and origin of the universe, its supernatural beings and forces, and about the purpose and destiny of human beings. Each modern political system is supported by an elaborate system of ideology which justifies Institutional norms and interprets current events. Juvenile delinquency, for example, is very differently explained in capitalist and communist societies, while Hindu and Christian religions have very different images of  “progress “

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