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The term homosexual is applied both to persons who, have a strong preference for sex partners of the same sex and to those who, regardless of sex prefer sexually once engage ln sex relations with persons of the same sex. A capacity to respond sexually to both sexes is present among humans and many other species [Ford, 1980]. Nonhuman primates often engage in homosexual behavior Mitchell, 1981, p. 47]. Animals of many species will occasionally attempt to mount another member of the same sex. Such mountings rarely include penetration or orgasm, although. some sexual arousal of the partner is not uncommon. Such animal homosexuality is often (but not always) associated with immaturity, absence of a heterosexual partner, overcrowding, or some other unusual circumstance. Animal homosexuality is clearly "natural" in that it appears with some frequency among a number of species. Yet there rs no animal species in which homosexuality is the predominant or customary Worm of adult sex behavior, and we have no reports of individual animals that are exclusively honor sexual

Posted on September 2, 2014 in SEXUALITY AND SEX ROLES

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