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Group Leadership
What role do leaders play in groups? Leaders are responsible for.directing. plans and activities so that the group completes its task or fulfills its goals. Primary groups generally have informal leadership. For example. most of us do not elect or appoint leaders in our own families. Various family members ma},assume a leadership role:at various times or act as leaders (or specific tasks. III traditional families, the father or eldest male is usually the leader. However, in today's more diverse families, leadership and power are frequently in question, and power relationships ay be quite different, as discussed later in this text. By comparison, larger groups typically have more formalized leader ship structures. Their leaders are expected to perform a variety of roles, some related to the internal workings of the group and others related to external relationships with other groups. For example, leadership in secondary groups (such as colleges. governmental agencies, and corporations) involves a clearly defined chain of command, with written responsibilities assigned to each position in the organizational structure.

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