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Group Conformity
To what extent do groups exert a powerful influence in our lives? Groups have a significant amount of inti uence on our values, attitudes, and behavior. In order to gain and then retain our membership in groups, most of us are willing to exhibit a high level of conformity to the wishes of other group members. COllfimnlty I, the process of maintaining or changing behavior to comply with the norms established by a society, subculture, or other group. We often experience powerful pressure from other group members to conform.

In some situations, this pressure may be almost overwhelming. In several studies (which would be impossible to conduct today for ethical reasons), researchers found that the pressure to conform may cause group members to say they see something that is contradictory to what they are actually seeing or to do something that they would otherwise be unwilling to do. As we look at two of these studies, ask yourself what you might have done if you had been involved in this research

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