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Okay, I think I'll share why Facebook works for me and  keeps me coming back. I was hesitant to sign up in the first place, I was afraid it would be a lame fad .... Since college is fairly dynamic (new classes every quarter), a directory of friends and students remains very dynamic and gives me a reason to come back (to see how friends are doing and what classes they are taking). Also it is cool to look up people  you have in class and see what they are interested in. Who knows, it might help you start a conversation sometime (although, it might freak them out if you already know their interests) ....

Facebook and other networking sites] really connect with people in their network who want them to do the same kewl stuff as them? I doubt it, unless they already knew that person and just didn't know about their hobbies. The truth is none of these sites really connects people. That requires ongoing new information (like web bulletin . boards, attending meetings). Or heaven forbid, actual human contact. The problem with 'is people are putting their pictures, cell phone numbers and addresses on the Internet. The Internet is open to anyone. That's just asking for someone to knock on your door .... It may seem cool that you know a bunch of people, but it won't be cool if a strange person knows too much about you.

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