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The current trend in modern nations is clearly toward greater sex equality,' but what form of sex equality? Alice Rossi [1970, pp. 173- 186] suggests three theoretical sex-equality models: (1) a pluralist model in which sex roles are different but equal, with men and women holding different work roles which are equally rewarded and .prestigious; (2) an assimilation model in which women are absorbed equally into all levels of the existing occupational and political system; and (3) 'i\n androgynous model in which sex role ascription is ended, with men and women filling occupational and household roles which are practically identical. The pluralist model is probably impractical, for in no society in "I history have all kinds of. work been equally , prestigious or rewarded. This model would need to go beyond "equal pay for equal work," which would leave most women in low-paying jobs. It would require "equal pay for comparable worth," with an evaluation' of the "worth" of every kind of job [Bunzel, 1982]. This is a complicated calculation and has not even been applied to pay scales within the sexes. Opinion is divided upon the other two models, with most feminists apparently favoring the androgynous model.

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