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Future Changes in Society Social Structure and interaction

The social structure in the United States has been changing rapidly in recent decades. Currently. there are more possible statuses for persons to occupy and roles to play than at any other time in history. Although achieved statuses are considered very important. ascribed statuses still have a Significant effect on the options and opportunities that people have. Ironically. at a time when we have more technological capability. more leisure activities and types of entertainment. and more quantities of material goods available for consumption than ever before. many people experience high levels of stress. fear for their lives because of crime, and face problems such as homelessness, In a society that can send astronauts into space to perform complex scientific experiments, is it impossible to solve Some of the problems that plague us here on Earth?

Individuals and groups often show initiative in trying to solve some of our pressing problems . For example. Ellen Baxter has singlehandedly tried to create housing for hundreds of New York City's homeless by reinventing well-maintained, single-room-occupancy residential hotels to provide cheap lodging and social services (Anderson. 1993). However. individual initiative alone will not solve all our social problems in the future. Large-scale. formal organizations must become more responsive to society's needs. At the microlevel, we need to regard social problems as everyone's problem; if we do not. they have a way of becoming everyone's problem anyway .

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