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Defining certain acts as deviant is a way of reinforcing  conventional norms. Nearly a century ago Durkheim [1893] stated what scan scandalous behavior unites the community in support of conventional norms. Erickson [1966 claims  that  deviance clarifies the norms when  certain acts are defined as deviant, this shows people how far they can go No known society has allowed complete freedom to “do your own thing.” All communes which have attempted to grant such license have failed. The only enduring communes have operated under the rule of a charismatic leader or under :a system of .their own rules and procedures [Roberts, 1971, chap: 11]. All societies and all groups punish deviants With. punishments ranging from nonacceptance and ridicule to every imaginable form of torture,’ mutilation, imprisonment, and death. Often the punishment has more the flavor of vindictive revenge  than of intended control.

The deviants sometimes accept punishment with stoical calm, as did the early Christians, and sometimes they protest bitterly over their persecution and oppression, as did the hip- ‘ pies and radical leftists of the 1960 s. The “persecution” theme is a useful promotional tactic which organizers have used for centuries, But although( often exaggerated and sometimes provoked, persecution of deviants is very real in every society brings chaos and destroys ‘the freedom for anyone to live in safety. Yet most measures of social control reduce the individual’s freedom of choice and action. Also, too harsh measures of control may provoke disorder destroying the order they are intended to preserve. How to strike the most comfortable balance between freedom and order is a question which will never be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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