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Folkways Norms

Folkways Norms are also classified according to their relative social importance. Folkways are informal norms or everyday customs thatrmay be violated without serious consequences within a particular culture (Sumner. 1959/19(6). They provide rules for conduct but are not considered to be essential to society’s survival. In the United States, folkways include using underarm deodorant, brushing our teeth, and wearing appropriate clothing for a specific occasion. Often, folkways are not enforced; when they are enforced, the resulting sanctions tend to be infonnal and relatively mild. Folkways are culture specific; they are learned patterns of behavior that can vary markedly from one society to another, In Japan. for example, where the walls or restroom stalls reach to the floor, folkways dictate that a person should knock on the door before entering a stall (you cannot tcll if anyone is there without knocking). However. people in the United States find it disconcerting when someone  on the door of the stall (A. Collins. 1991).

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