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The autonomy of educational institutions in recent years has been reduced by federal intervention. The
, federal dollars which are so welcome have provided leverage for imposing federal standards and regulations. Anti discrimination legislation brought additional controls. The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare issued “guidelines” on the hiring and promotion of minorities and on sex discriminant in employment, curriculum, and school activities (especially school athletics). Special education fOr the handicapped, bilingual instruction, and other special programs have  been federally mandated. In some communities, federal courts have assumed direction of the schools, giving orders to school boards about which schools they may close, how.. district boundaries may be drawn, how much busing they must do, and what race and sex quotas they must meet.’ In one remarkable ,instance, Brigham Young University, a Mormon church-related university which accepts no federal funds, had to negotiate with federal officials for permission to continue its practice of housing off-campus male and female students in separate rooming houses [Tile New York Times, June 11, 1978, p. 51]. Whether ,federal intervention has been proper or improper is not the issue we raise at this point. We cite this as an example of reduced autonomy of one institution under the increased influence of another