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Explaining Many Other Group Differences

Many other kinds of group differences racial, religious, regional really class differences. For example, almost any sociological black-white comparison will seem to be very flattering to whites. Blacks have proportionately crimes, more venereal disease, more illegitimate births, more drunkenness, more desertions, more broken families and proportionately more people on relief. If however, social-class levels are held constant these differences between racial groups greatly decrease [Banfield, 1974, pp, 79-87]. For example, the overall black birthrate is higher than the white, but if higher income levels are compared with each other, the black birthrate is less than the white [Reed, 1975; Johnson, 1979]. And race differences in school dropout rates almost disappear if one restricts the comparison to children of white-collar parents [Coleman, 1966, pp. 454-456].

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