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Educational Autonomy

Acadec;,nic freedom and academic tenure represent attempts to protect the independence of educators.


The ideology of academic freedom means (1) that schools are to be run by educators with limited interference from others and (2) that scholars and professors can conduct research, can publish, and can teach without fear of reprisal even if the results of their research or teaching should prove unpopular. For the educator, academic freedom protects the search for truth wherever it might . lead. For the society, it gives some. assurance that students and the public will receive what actually is the truth as the professor understands it, rather than something the professor is forced to say because of fear or pressure. Scholars and professors have often come under fire when their teachings or writings offended someone. In Hitler’s Germany, Nazi students ran professors off the campus if they failed to endorse Nazi ideas. Academic freedom can’ help protect teachers from such pressures

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