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What is to be done when a married couple can't live comfortably together? Although most societies make some provision for divorce, some make it very dlfflcult or perhaps give the privilege of divorce only to the men. Some make divorce very simple. Among the Hopi, divorce is rather rare but very uncomplicated. The husband merely packs up and leaves, or in his absence his wife tells him to get lost by pitching his things outside the door. The social and family structure of many societies makes divorce a fairly painless and harmless operation. In many societies where there is no great emphasis upon romantic love and no intense individual love attachments, "divorce entails no great heartbreak. Where the consanguine family surrounds the child with a protective clan of kin and designates the mother's brother as the responsible male in a child's life, the loss of a child's biological father is hardly noticed. The meaning of divorce depends upon how it relates to other aspects of the institution of the family.our society, with its strong accent upon individual love attachments within an isolated nuclear family unit, a divorce may complete the collapse of the emotional world for both child and adult.

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