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Deviance And Crime 

what worries me said Marlene [a Southside Chicago block-club president], “is that there’s about seventy children on my block who use that park-and that’s not counting the o,!e.swho live on the other side. Can’t have them around your boys [gang members] You all are something else:’ Big Cat [a gang leader for the “Black Kings”] said, shaking his head.”1 been cooperating with you all for years now, never complaining that I’m los ng money …. I don’t  no respect for that?” “If you’re in our park, we can’t be. It’s as simple as that;’ Marlene replied. give you the nighttime. Maybe I can convince folks that you all need to work at night, but that’s going to be tough. But, bottom line, baby, is we can’t have you all there during the day

Okay;’ interjected [local pastor] Wilkins. “Now you have to stop for the summer, Big Cat. We’re not asking for a two-year thing, or nothing like that. Just when the kids are outside:’ “I guess I could work it on 59th, but that [business owner] keeps telling us he doesn’t want us around, keeps calling the cops  “If I get him to leave you alone during the day, and you can hang out in the parking lot on the other side of the store, you’ll leave the park for the summer:’ “Yeah;’ Big Cat replied, dejected at the compromise. “Okay, we’ll be gone:’

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