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Defining the Conventional Morality

The social classes differ in etiquette as well as in moral judgments. The term “loyal worker” . has one meaning in the union hall, another at the chamber of commerce Middle-class mores, however, tend to become the conventional mores, The church, the school, a~d the welfare and “uplift” agencies are middle-class institutions, staffed and, run largely by middle-class persons, and  dedicated to the cultivation of middle-class values. The ‘laws are written by middle-class legislators and enforce middle-class values. Thus, the middle-class mores tend to become .the, official or conventional morality of the society tendency, creates certain strains for
lower-class persons. They often find that behavior which is normal and acceptable in ~heir class subculture is condemned and punished when they step outside this subculture as they must do at school and in-nearly all .their dealings with persons in. positions of authority. A good deal of resentment and class antagonism accumulates among people of the lower classes, who I that they are constantly being prodded, scolded, and “pushed around” by middle- and upper class.

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