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Is culture a help or a burden to human belt Some of each. It helps them to solve some problems, gets in their way as they grapple
with others, and itself creates still others

Culture and Biological Adjustment

Culture contains many gadgets which help people in their unremitting battle with nature. Since people suffer in cold and hot weather, they wear clothes and build houses. Nature offers wild fruit, seeds, and berries; people domesticate them and increase their yield. Hands are poor shovels, but bulldozers remake the surface of the earth. Bhutan beings cannot run fast, swim well, or fly at all yet no other living thing travels so fast as they. Humans are fragile, delicate beings, quick prey to death through heat or cold, thirst or hunger. Through culture they can moisten the desert and dry the swampland, can survive arctic cold an~tropic heat, and can even survive a trip through outer space. White culture helps people adjust to their environment, it also interferes with their bio logical adjustment in many ways.

Every culture offers many examples of patterns harmful to physical well-being. The Hindu belief that people should not kill anything has filled India with stray dogs, scrawny cattle, and all manner of parasites, thus wasting food and spreading diseases. Through culture we have improved our weapons until We can destroy the entire human race. We follow methods of agriculture and land use which destroy the soil and flood the land. We pollute the air our the streams and poison our foods. Many us eat, smoke” and drink more than is good for us. We eat polished rice or white a read which is stripped of vital food elements, hole passing up beef, pork, horse meat, ale meat, snails, milk, or whatever valuable source of nourishment is under taboo in our particular society. If we were descended from cats instead of primates, we would be better  equipped for the night hours we like to keep. In every culture there are norms that are healthful and others which are injurious.

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