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Lultural pluralism is a for of accommodation in which ethnic groups retain their distinct cultural differences and traditions, while cooperating peacefully and relatively equally in political,. economic, and social life. The standard ex. ample of central pluralism is Switzerland, where Protestants and Catholics have been able to live agreeably under the same government, while speaking German, French, or . Italian. Since Swiss citizens do not feel that either their religious loyalty or their ethnic identification is threatened by other Swiss, they are free to give a complete allegiance to the. Swiss nation as a common government which allows for the tolerance of distinctly different cultural groups. Other examples of -cultural pluralism would include Canada (English and French), Belgium (french-speaking and Flemish-speaking), Noncombustible and Christian), and Malta (Greek and Turk). CUL rural PLURALISM Cultural pluralism is Civil war in two of these artist movements in the other two show that cultural pluralism is not a perfect answer. People who accept integration as a goal tend (0 diverge from cultural pluralists on many points. Some of these points of difference are shown in Table 16-4. American religious divisions are one area ,..of inter group relations wherein some observe [Herberg, 1960; Greeley, 1976] believe . cultural pluralism is an essential and valuable feature of American life. But it may be that cultural pluralism is only a transitional stage. Gordon [1964, p. 245] argues that one has to accept and have pride in the group of origin before one is ready to accept assimilation into • the larger society. Thus, immigrants and their children may gain a sense of security and . identity when encouraged to talk about the contributions which their ethnic cultures have made to American society. Similarly, black students may profit from knowing that Africa has been an historic crossroads of civilization.

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